Inauguration of Brooklyn's Petite Manufacture

Marc et Catherine Cluizel went to the USA in order to participate in the inauguration of Brooklyn's Petite Manufacture, located 279 Bedford Avenue. The photo shows the staff of the 2 New York stores (on the left side), Marc Cluizel (at the backgroung), Catherine Cluizel (2nd from right) and Jacques Dahan (right end), the manager of the Company Noble Ingredient which is the American subsidiary of the Manufacture Cluizel.

Succes for the Manufacture Cluizel


Once again this year, the Michel Cluizel brand took part in the Paris Chocolate Exhibition, which tens of thousand of chocolate lovers visit in order to meet the best chocolate professionals.

On the Michel Cluizel’s booth, the visitors could taste the new products such as the “mini-craqs”, enhanced in the gift box “Chocolate break in Paris” or packed by 5 in their case.

The place-to-be to get gift ideas for the holiday season!

We invite you to find products in one of the Cluizel Petites Manufactures and Comptoirs or at one of our best retailers in France.

New rewards by the International Chocolate Awards

3 more bars were rewarded by te International Chocolate Awards !

“Dark chocolate with pieces” category

63% dark chocolate with cocoa nibs (cocoa nibs made in our workshops, out of cocoa beans from the Los Anconès plantation (Santo Domingo) which we roast ourselves).

63% dark chocolate with orange peels (genuine candied orange peels).

“Milk chocolate with pieces” category

Gold :
45% Grand Lait with hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are thoroughly roasted and delicately ground, allowing their unique and subtle aroma to infuse the chunky and crunchy chocolate.


Chocolate bonbon with praliné-based filling and coated with milk chocolate

Bergerac (crunchy caramelized almond and hazelnut praliné).

Capri (almond and hazelnut praliné with caramel bits, decorated with cocoa powder).

Chocolate bonbon with praliné-based filling and coated with dark chocolate

Intrépide (almond and hazelnut praliné on a lyer of very soft caramel decorated with cocoa powder).

We invite you to go and find our bars and other products in one of the Cluizel Petites Manufactures and Comptoirs or at one of our best retailers in France.
Outside France, you may find our products in our Cluizel Petites Manufactures in New York or Bucarest. You may also question one of our distributors.

All our products are guaranteed to be made according to the Noble Ingredient, quality commitment, which is so far unequalled in the world.


A great success for this bar range which is collecting the awards year by year

3 new awards by the Academy of Chocolate for the MICHEL CLUIZEL chocolate bars  !

The will of the Manufacture CLUIZEL to always look for the genuine and authentic taste is hence recognized by the greatest connoisseurs.

“Bean to bar” under 80% Category

Gold : Plantation Vila Gracinda, our most surprising Plantation chocolates.
Silver : Dark 72%, our most mellow and balanced chocolate blend.

“Bean to bar” over 80% Category

Silver : Dark 85%, Already granted Bronze award in 2011 (award). This new award confirms the ever growing success of this bar with the connoisseurs and experts of intense dark chocolate. The favourite bar in the world !

We invite you to go and find our bars and other products in one of the Cluizel Petites Manufactures and Comptoirs or at one of our best retailers in France.
Outside France, you may find our products in our Cluizel Petites Manufactures in New York or Bucarest. You may also question one of our distributors.

All our products are guaranteed to be made according to the Noble Ingredient, quality commitment, which is so far unequalled in the world.

A giant Easter eggs Michel Cluizel in Center Parcs in Normandy

The Manufacture Cluizel created a magnificent and giant Easter egg for the Bois Francs Center Parcs in Verneuil sur Avre, 25km away from Damville.

A close partnership exists between this holiday center and the Cluizel Chocolatrium, 2 destinations dedicated to enjoyment,  to be put on a family week-end’s agenda in Normandy

A giant Easter eggs Michel Cluizel in Deauville

We had the pleasure to make magnificent giant eggs that were displayed in the lobby of the Hotel du Golf and of the Hotel Barrière le Royal in Deauville during the Easter weekend. These giant eggs were broken on Easter Monday and handed over to their respective clients.

A giant Easter eggs hunt, with our foiled-wrapped eggs in bags, was organized on the Deauville beach for the clients of these two Hotels Barrière and a tasting booth were held to savour our plantation chocolate squares

Opening of Petite Manufacture Cluizel in New York

After more than five years standing on 5th Avenue in the tourist Rockefeller Center district, Manufacture Cluizel has settled in the heart of Murray Hill. Settled at the corner of the famous Madison Avenue and the 35th Street, close to the Empire State Building, the new Petite Manufacture Cluizel provides an open and warm place. The refurbishment work that has been done on the shop allowed us to bring the typical atmosphere that you can find in French retail stores, whilst preserving the distinctive spirit of this area of New York.

Everything is homemade : the chocolate range comes directly from the production facilities of Damville, France, and a large range of macaroons, cakes and local products are made nearby in the American workshops of West Berlin, New Jersey.

For the early birds, a Parisian breakfast is offered with on-site baked pastries and hot drinks, including a large choice of hot chocolates … developed by Cluizel of course.

Don't hesitate to stop by during your next visit to Manhattan.


The Michel Cluizel brand displayed in all Paris… … with

For the first time, the MICHEL CLUIZEL brand will show on the Parisian bus shelter walls from December, 9th till 15th 2015.

This aims at getting the Parisians and the tourists to discover a most original message that will incite them to visit the Petites Manufactures Cluizel in Paris and abroad and the Corners of Nantes, Strasbourg or Thionville.

Where to find us

Opening of a franchised Petite Manufacture Cluizel in Bucarest, Romania.

Cristian Preotu, who  has been representing and distributing the Cluizel brand for many years in Romania,  decided to open a Petite Manufacture Cluizel on Strada Episcopiei nr 2-4,  in the beautiful Opera district. The opening is planned at the beginning of December2015. This new outlet will be offering the whole Michel Cluizel branded range : bars, chocolate bonbons sold by unit, pouch or gift box, macarons patissiers and premium pieces, such as the Christmas Star. The sparkling Christmas window will be showing the Cluizel brand to the inhabitants of the Romanian capital.

Opening of the Cluizel Corner in Nantes (France)


Delphine and Nicolas Roger undertook a major embellishment work of their Maison Lemaître by renovating their wine shop and opening a Cluizel corner.

The people of Nantes can now purchase the whole range of Cluizel chocolates and macarons pâtissiers which production is entirely made in the Manufacture workshops, in Damville, according to the exclusive Quality Commitment “Noble Ingredients”.

The opening  took place on Thursday 26 November. Saturday 28 November was an open day when the customers were invited to discover the renovated store.


The Constellation Collection is the symbol of the Manufacture Cluizel’s creativity and innovation and constitutes a whole world of shapes and tastes to make the festive holidays go with a swing.

Reflet d'Etoile

A superb chocolate star with asymmetrical points surrounded by a whole constellation of chocolate bonbons: silver disks with dark chocolate ganache from the Los Anconès Plantation and milk praliné chocolates.

Only in our store and at our retailers

Cristaux d'Etoile

Five milk chocolate crystals filled with praliné and a silver leaf decorated disk make up this star which is enhanced by its silver box.

On our e-shop, closest shop and reseller.

MILK MARALUMI BAR rewarded by the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat
during the 2015 Chocolate Show in Paris

The milk Maralumi bar is a Plantation chocolate : the strictly selected cocoa beans all come from the Maralumi Plantation, located on the Island of Papua - New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. Situated on the eastern end of the island, just south of the Equator, the Maralumi plantation benefits from a moist equatorial climate and soil that is rich in alluvia, making the area ideal for growing cocoa trees. The ‘Maralumi’, the ‘river spirits’, watch over the plantation that is called after them. The Maralumi plantation produces high quality cocoa beans of the trinitario variety. All the different steps from harvesting to drying, including graining and fermentation, do meet rigorous specifications.  This bar is appreciated for its high content of cocoa (47%) and for its smooth texture with hints of dark caramel and grilled bouquet. The cocoa beans from the Maralumi Plantation are also used for producing a 64% dark chocolate, which tangy notes of red fruits are most appreciated. 5 other Plantation chocolates exist in our collection : Mokaya (Mexico), Dark and Milk Mangaro (Madagascar), Los Anconès (Santo Domingo) and  Vila Gracinda (Sao Tomé). They are on sale in the Cluizel shops and at our retailers’. More than just a single-origin chocolate, which is produce using beans from a particular region or several plantations, our Plantation Chocolate is produced using beans selected from a single plantation. The outstanding quality of the beans and the painstaking work of the planters guarantee the superb quality of these unique chocolates.

Salon Du Chocolat 2015 (Paris)

The chocolate drives


On last October, 8th , for the 2nd occasion, the Cluizel Family invited their guests to spend a friendly and tasty day with the theme “chocolate and golf”. After the lunch and the presentation of the new Branded Collection for Christmas 2015, the participants started the tournament under a warm autumn sun which highlighted the charming Vaudreuil’s PGA Golf site. The round was animated by tastings of minicraq’ and macarons pâtissiers by the Manufacture Cluizel. The day ended up with a cocktail that was marked by a generous tasting of several chocolate bonbons and by the Trophy award to Mr Frédéric Schmitt and Mr Edouard Dujon. All the participants left happy with plenty of chocolate gift boxes.

A new Cluizel Corner in Nantes


A new Cluizel Corner has just opened at 12 rue de la Paix, in Nantes, at the prestigious address of the Maison Lemaître. The owner, Mr and Mrs Roger, took the opportunity of the renovation of their chocolate, candy and wine shop to highlight the Cluizel products. This Corner, which shows the Cluizel colors, displays the Cluizel chocolate bonbons and the Macarons Pâtissiers, which are exclusively sold in the Cluizel Petites Manufactures and Corners.

Salon Du Chocolat 2015 (Paris)

On the occasion of the world event Chocolate Fair in Paris (from October, 27th till November, 1st – Booth C5, Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles) and of the Chocolate Fair in Strasbourg (from November, 13th till 15th 2015 – Booth N°30, Parc Expo), the places to be for the chocolate lovers, the Manufacture Cluizel will unveil their new Autumn-Winter collection, even more gourmet as ever!

Come and have a look at their sense arousing tasting box which contains an assortment of bonbons covered with dark chocolate and coated with sugar (cocoa  chips, caramelized almonds, coffee beans, ganache beans), a gourmet and authentic chocolate bar (raspberry/cranberry) and milk chocolate French baguettes in their baskets.

Now you are undoubtedly on the Cluizel booth!

The Michel Cluizel pop up store in New York


In order to make the buzz on their brand,  MICHEL CLUIZEL are opening today a pop up store at the Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Avenue (at the corner of 47th Street) New York, NY 10107. This Pop Up Store will be open till November, 30th, when the new Petite Manufacture Cluizel  is due to open at 199 Madison Avenue.




As part of the development strategy of the Michel Cluizel brand, and after the opening of the Neuilly store last April, the Manufacture Cluizel is pleased to announce the opening of 2 new Petites Manufactures Cluizel In Paris.

On September, 30th 2014
Paris Le Marais, 2 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

End of October 2014
Paris La Madeleine, 3 rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris




February, 2nd is Candlemas ! Let’s spread our tasty 78% praline paste on pancakes for a most delicious moment.




The delightful "Or Série" balls (fine, golden, dark chocolate shells delicately filled with dark and gold-flaked truffles) are on sale exclusively in our stores and our Cluizel Corners for a special Christmas. You may not be able to read the future but you'll read the pleasure on your guests’ faces when they bite into an "Or Série" ball.