Marc Cluizel, Michel’s son, takes over the reins, assisted by his sisters, Sylvie and Catherine

Marc Cluizel worked closely with his father from the mid-80s, the two sharing the same love of work well done, bespoke know-how and recipes that combined tradition and innovation. Marc’s motto was “quality”, and this forged the company’s reputation; from 1999 he promoted the “Nobles Ingredients” commitment, which has still never been rivalled anywhere in the world. He further developed the export market, set up an American subsidiary and opened a 2nd showcase shop on 5th Avenue, New York.

In 2013, Marc asserted the company’s strong values more than ever, turning it into “Manufacture Cluizel”. The “Manufacture”, like that of the Gobelins tapestries, is the image of professional know-how. It works directly and sustainably with the cocoa planters through a fair commitment that is a guarantee of quality. All the transformation work is then done in Damville, from the slow roasting of the beans to the intricate decoration on the finished products, which are 100 % made in France !

The shops in New York and Paris, known as “Petite Manufacture”, are highly successful. Catherine Cluizel runs the very prestigious Paris shop and designs new ways of presenting the chocolates, while Sylvie runs the Company accounts and finances.

Together, the Cluizels have opened two chocolate museums: in Damville in 2002 and in West Berlin (United States) in 2012. These “Chocolatriums” introduce the public to the flavours of good products and explain how to taste them.

Two prizes have recently been awarded as the crowning moment in this great story :

In 2011, the Grand Prize Trophy for Family Firms, which is a reward for excellence in terms of know-how acquired and passed on (“Concours des Chênes en Or”).

In 2012, the “Living French Heritage Company” label (EPV), awarded by the French government.

Manufacture Cluizel is therefore 65 years and three generations of enthusiasts in the Cluizel family and among the 220 experienced employees. It’s also a desire to share our values with you through outstanding products: our chocolates with the inimitable Cluizel taste.