1947 Confectioners Marc and Marcelle Cluizel make their first chocolates, in their kitchen, in Damville - 1971 Their workshops located in the center of Damville are moved to new premises, built nearby, in the Normandy countryside - 1983 Cocoa bean processing and couverture chocolate manufacturing - 1987 Opening of the Showcase/Shop in Paris, rue Saint-Honoré - 1990 Creation of high cocoa content chocolate bars : 99 % cocoa Noir Infini, 85 % cocoa Grand Noir and 45 % cocoa Grand Lait - 1997 Marketing of the ‘Lab Product’ range, designed for professionals of food industry - 1999 Creation of the ‘Noble Ingredients’ quality commitment - 2000 Launch of a dark ‘1er Cru de Plantation®’ chocolate - 2002 Opening of the Chocolate Museum : le Chocolatrium® at Damville - 2003 Launch of ‘Façonnables’® - 2004 Opening of the subsidiary in the United-States : ‘Noble Ingredients’ - 2006 ‘Cacaofèvier’® neologism is coined - 2008 Opening of Michel Cluizel Training Workshop - 2009 Opening of the New York shop, on 5th Avenue - 2010 Creation of Los Anconès : ‘1er Cru de Plantation’® BIO - 2011 Opening of Russian office/Opening of the 1st manufacturing workshop in the United States/ “Grand Prix” Trophy of the familial Enterprise 2012 Opening of Chocolatrium® Museum in West Berlin, U.S.A/Reward of the EPV french label ‘Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant’ / 1st french Chocolaterie to get the O.E.A. 2013 The Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel becomes the Manufacture Cluizel and shops become les Petites Manufactures/1st price Trophy “Croissance Verte” for the new environmentally responsible water treatment plant. 

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Obtaining the EPV label
'Living Heritage Companies'
French in 2012