International Chocolate Awards (UK)

The ‘Maralumi Milk 47%’ chocolate bar was awarded a Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards, in October 2012. ‘Los Anconès’ and Ivory chocolate bars were awarded a silver medal.

La Manufacture Cluizel was granted (special Awards) a gold medal for its ‘Organic Los Anconès’ chocolate bar, in the following 3 categories:

- Chocolate Maker
- Directly traded cacao
- Organic

These awards are granted by the members of the International Chocolate Awards and a jury of experts (chefs, food writers, chocolate professionals, etc.) chosen to choose the best chocolates among the large selection that is presented.

Created in 2012, the association has a variety of goals, in particular that of encouraging chocolate makers to develop fairer and more equitable relationships with plantations. It is the development of the Academy of Chocolate, which granted a gold medal, to ‘Organic 67% Los Anconès', Coffee Dark chocolate and '47% Maralumi Milk’ chocolate bars, back in 2011. Orange peel and Dark chocolate, and 85% Dark chocolate bars were respectively awarded Silver and Bronze medals.

INTERSUC Collections

Trophy awarded at the 2012 EUROPAIN show, to reward best new product on the theme of “Sphere” façonnable.


Rubans Bleus

The “Rubans Bleus” were created with a view to support trades of candy making, chocolate making, biscuit making and pastry making. Selected products must comply with the following conditions: they have to be innovating and reflect progress, answer market expectations and show a good value for money:  Gruétine® pot in 2008 and Façonnable Rectangle in 2010.

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Organic Food Awards

This acknowledgement granted by “Great Britain’s Soil Association” rewards excellence in organic products: in 2010, it was awarded to “Los Ancones” plantation.

The Great Taste Awards

The Great Taste Awards, which are organized by the British “Guild of Fine Food” association, are the equivalent of Oscars for the world food business. High Cocoa Content Grand Lait 45% and 1er Cru de Plantation ‘65% Dark Mangaro’ chocolate bars were both awarded a gold medal back in 2008, while ‘Dark 64% Maralumi’ was granted it in 2010.