The Petite Manufacture concept

The 'Petite Manufacture' is divided into several distinct areas, some self-service and assisted in other sales.

ComptoirTailored counters

There, you will find your chocolate, made-to-measure: pick your assortment of chocolate candy (amount, shape, type of chocolate and filling). Enjoy the combination of these chocolates, characterized by the very special aromas and tastes of the Cluizel house: chocolaty, fruity, slightly acid and caramelized hints. You and your nearest and dearest will also be delighted by the sweets of your childhood. Macarons and pastries are now available in this area of the shop.

bibliotheque-2The “Repertoire” Library

Presented on beautiful shelves with metal studs remind the Manufacture, chocolates are available through various collections: tablets taste, pockets of chocolate snacks, boxes and offer all sorts of culinary delights.

The package deals with a simple and elegant design to suit the tastes of consumers.

semainierThe Semainier

This impermanent display is used to highlight key product and trends of the moment. There, you will find a dynamic event area, for the presentation of high quality, unique products that reflect the tradition of the Cluizel Manufacture.

pauseThe Chocolate Break

The first hot cocoa by Michel Cluizel is available in stores. Each drink is manually made, and served in china mugs to who want to have it on the spot, or in personalized cups to take away.

Children and adults alike will indulge in this traditional delight of yesteryear.


11 high quality Pâtisserie Macarons. 0% added flavouring for real flavour ! the raw materials used to make these macarons are carefully selected for the quality of their flavour. 100% natural colours. 100% manufactured by Cluizel. The biscuits, the chocolate, but also the spread, the caramel, the almond paste... 100% French. 100% from Normandy. And of course a crisp yet fondant texture. A strong taste sensation.

AADWorkshop « Learn how to taste »

You will be borne away for a trip of pleasure to the palate on a specific theme. You will then analyze some sensations and taste various flavors. You will also get to know the different steps between the plantation and the Manufacture of Taste so that you can enjoy chocolates from the most classical to the most astonishing. These workshops are taking place in Paris at the Petite Manufacture Cluizel or in Damville, at the Cluizel Manufacture.