These professionals are sharing their experience with MICHEL CLUIZEL products

"I rKANJIecently discovered Michel Cluizel's Façonnables. Thes products come in a wide, practical range, with quality flavors and long-tasting aromatic hints that I've never found aywhere else before. I especially like the dark chocolate Coupelle Cube for the delicacy of its chocolate ad its subtle taste that do not ever mask the flavor of other ingredients. Moreover, Michel Cluizel's couverture chocolates have a very characteristic taste and flavor that guide us towards new potentialities in our creations. I'm convinced that using Michel Cluizel Lab Products stimulates my creativity and makes my creations more appealing". 

Kanji Sekine
Pastry Chef Pasela Resort/The Legian Club House

rebillard“I founded my chocolate shop in Grenoble in 2003 after going through all the steps of a solid, complete training: from Pastry making professional training certificate to award of Golden Chocolate maker (Chocolatier d’Or). I now own two chocolate shops and I am willing to provide my staff with the highest level of training. We use 1ers Crus chocolates, especially the ‘Mangaro’ one, and also the “Vanuari®” chocolate couverture and façonnables. I appreciate the fluidity of couverture chocolates: they are perfect for both machine and manual work. Their high cocoa content makes my chocolate candy exquisite. And I also chose to work with Manufacture Cluizel’s products because of the quality of their ingredients, and the traditional, family spirit that defines the company”.

 John Rebillard
La Caraque
Grenoble (France)

Alexandre Crocher“I discovered Michel Cluizel’s products two years ago, at Swissôtel Moscow. Besides products themselves, what I also like about Michel Cluizel is the optimization of packaging that allows for better protection and preservation of products during transport. I especially appreciate the quality of Façonnables and Decorations, which I use for my VIP gifts, for plated desserts at our exclusive restaurants and also for the big events we organize at our Conference Centre (1200 guests for buffet cocktail dinner and 400 guests for cocktails with plated dessert). I am constantly on the lookout for new products, in order to keep my creations fresh and my customers happy ; and I find them at Michel Cluizel”.  

Alexandre Crocher

Pastry Chef
Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy Moscow

BrosseAn elegant English-style manor, surrounded by a magnificent treefilled park, hotel-restaurant***** Villa Navarre was created in 2002 and belongs to the “Châteaux et Hôtels Collection” club. Chef Patrick Brossé, who joined the restaurant in 2011 is proud of his region and develops his creativity by combining regional gastronomic cuisine and delicate flavors. With Frédéric Guille - the pastry chef - they chose to work with Cluizel’s Lab products for their quality and originality. “We especially like the Dark Coffee 60% couverture chocolate and the round coupelle Façonnables : they are perfect to make our prélat made of chocolate shell, which we recently added to our menu. We appreciate the variety of decorations available, which give a final touch to our desserts, and we also use mixes for spray guns to please and surprise our customers. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds!”.

Patrick Brossé
Chef of Villa Navarre
Pau (France)

Ronan“I joined the family business of Catering and Event Organization back in 1997, to head the production department as a Chef. We chose to select and use Cluizel’s products for their quality and variety, for both its Façonnables and couverture chocolates. We mainly use Dark Vanuari® chocolate, for its high fluidity, as well as Façonnables and decorations, which enable us to create daring and delicate plated desserts, with an absolutely perfect taste, for ever demanding customers”.

 Ronan Pennarun
Pennarun Lebihan
Quimper (France)

puyodebatSince 1999, Christophe Puyodebat and his wife have been managing the traditional chocolate factory-confectioner’s shop located in Cambo-les-Bains (Pyrenees). “I work with Michel Cluizel Chocolaterie because it is a family, traditional business, that I share values with.I was mainly attracted by the quality of products and the fact that no soy lecithin is used.The fact that products are easy to work is also a major advantage.Michel Cluizel Chocolates are perfectly fluid.Especially the 63 % Vanuari dark chocolate couverture, which is a balanced compromise between taste and cocoa content.It is perfect for coating, whether you work it manually or with a machine”.

Christophe Puyodebat
Traditional chocolate maker
Cambo-les-Bains (France)

BataillonI have been working with Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel for many years because I appreciate its quality, its consistency, and the originality of its cocoa beans. I also like the fact that we have a very good relationship with its sales persons, and appreciate the selective direct distribution at professional shops. My favourite product is the Grué Praliné: a praliné with a strong touch chocolate, and a nice balance between almonds and hazelnuts. I also use the “Carrée” boxes to make my semiliquid fruit ganache. Their format is perfect to answer the market trends. The quality of chocolate, as well as the fineness of their rims are additional advantages.

Patrick Bataillon
Chocolate Maker
Feurs (France)

DoyenI’m always on the look for combinations of tastes, textures and shapes: with Michel Cluizel products, I have quality and exceptional products, every day. Both because of their originality (façonnable, macaron shells…) and their couverture chocolate flavours…All these ingredients can only make your work excellent.

My personal favourites are the 50% milk Mangaro 1erCru, used in combination with lime caramel, mango jelly, elianza vanilla mousse or the 63% vanuari couverture chocolate, for shaping, sculpting or simply moulding and decorating.

Gregory Doyen
Pastry Chef