Noble Ingredient Quality Commitment

The Manufacture Cluizel created in 1999 the “Noble Ingredient” quality commitment which is unique in the world. It is stated on all our products and guarantees the rigorous selection of the raw materials. Our philosophy is to the constant search for the authentic taste. It rests upon a simple adage : “it needs quality ingredients to make good products”. And we apply this when designing all our recipes.



- Our chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter, which means it does not contain any vegetable fat except cocoa butter.

- It is essential for us to offer an authentic taste, without artifice. That is why we add neither artificial nor natural aroma in our products. The caramel and chocolate bar by Cluizel gets its taste from the real homemade caramel bits. And our raspberry ganache has a real fruit taste cause it is made with raspberry pulp.

- Our products contain no soy (often contained in the chocolate in the form of soy lecithin). We made this choice to prevent any risk of GMO and allergenic contamination (soy is considered as “major allergen”).

- Only Bourbon vanilla pods are used in our productions because of its so characteristic taste. It is the ultimate symbol of the Noble Ingredients in the Food Industry.

- To make our old style praliné we use only whole and calibrated dried fruits in order to get an homogenous cooking.

- To make our decoration items, we use only non-azoic colorings (guaranteed to be no risk for the children’ health). And whenever is it possible, we use colorings of natural origin.

As you can see, each ingredient of our products is carefully selected and we use only the best ones for our creation.

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