Genuine taste

The Manufacture Cluizel processes the selected cocoa beans into exceptional, distinguished and aromatic chocolates with lingering taste. The single plantation chocolates offer the best of a soil and the blends offer a subtle tasting balance. These chocolates evoke the richness of the most important vineyards.
They meet a quality commitment which is unique in the world : Noble Ingredients and which guarantees the use of pure cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla pod, yet excludes the use of soy lecithin and added flavors.


Manufacture Cluizel needs to innovate constantly in order to surprise its customers and maintain its role as a pioneer. This innovative spirit can be seen in the choice of raw ingredients, the design of original recipes, the adaptation of machines and an entrepreneurial drive to carry out ambitious projects. Many of our chocolate products have won awards shortly after they have been launched. Innovative creations have also been noticed on the design side, with packaging and shops that show evidence of the hand of Man.


Sharing and the passing-on of know-how are important values for the Cluizel family that have been handed down from generation to generation. They are illustrated by our selection of the best cocoa beans and the work done by the planters, but also by our consumers who demand the very best chocolates. The Chocolatrium® museum was founded in 2002 to explain and share this passion for cocoa with the public. The Manufacture shares its chocolate expertise with the professionals during training workshops.