The Manufacture Cluizel :
3 inseparable trades

The Cluizel family has always been extremely observant of processes and time specifications, control of tools and machines, and a constant view for more innovations. The aromatic richness of Manufacture Cluizel’s chocolates has to do with the origin and processing of its cocoa beans. Since 1997, the Manufacture Cluizel has been focusing on developing direct relationships with renowned planters, in a spirit of fair, lasting trade. From Santo Domingo to Papua, São Tomé to Madagascar, and recently Mexico, the 7 Plantation Chocolates® have been captivating cocoa enthusiasts in search of distant, new flavours.

The success of the Manufacture Cluizel is mainly related to the complementarity of 3 inseparable trades.

Cacaofèvier® : The Manufacture Cluizel is one of the few Cacaofèviers® in the world to master the processing of cocoa beans into cocoa paste first, and then into dark, milk or white chocolate.
: The Manufacture designs its own filling recipes : praliné, almond paste, nougatine, caramel, liqueur, gianduja...
Chocolate maker
: The Manufacture Cluizel makes its ganaches, shapes the bonbons before coating them with a thin layer of chocolate and decorating them.