Invested in the education of taste, the Manufacture has designed Cluizel various workshops
to allow gourmands to explore the best the world of pleasure.


- Discover the method for tasting our Chocolates -

A guide will take you on a journey of the tastebuds around a specific theme. You will learn to differentiate between sensations and appreciate different flavours. You will also hear about the amazing work, starting at the Plantations right up to the Creation of the Flavour, that enabled you to taste the classic, and the surprising, chocolates from our range. These Workshops take place in Paris, at the Petite Manufacture Cluizel or in Damville, at the Manufacture Cluizel (Normandy).

Tasting in Paris

Tasting in Damville


- Discover the Secrets de Pros® and the "all" chocolate Cluizel recipes -

Step into our professional laboratory, and learn the basics of, or improve, your chocolate work, guided by a Cluizel Pastry Chef and using original recipes created especially for the occasion using products from the Cluizel range. Let yourself be guided through this creative world and learn how to make our delicious chocolate recipes at home. You can take your creations home with you along with a free Michel Cluizel apron.

Program and registration pack