Philippe Conticini and The Manufacture Cluizel

“For three generations, the Cluizel family has been immersed in the sweet full bodied fragrance of chocolate. I love this authentic and family legacy which for myself represents love, respect, quality of the product and of the material, passed down from generation to generation.
This represents therefore 70 years of chocolate passion in the CLUIZEL family and also the will to share these true values through exceptional products.

The Manufacture CLUIZEL collaborates in direct and durable association with the cocoa planters thus establishing with them a history of privileged relations guaranteeing the best traceability possible and a very precise method from the fermentation process up to the drying of the cocoa beans. It is also this strong commitment which has convinced me, now for many years, to work with the Manufacture CLUIZEL to elaborate my patisseries, confectionery, chocolate bonbons.

The quality in the choice of the ingredients, their fair commitment, is a guarantee of quality for me, in the realisation of my patisseries. It is this mastery of product which seduce me. I’m impressed by their strong philosophy in the quest for taste and authentic sensations. It is founded on a simple adage, “in order to make quality products you need quality ingredients”. All of this conforms to my own philosophy, which has brought us close with Marc Cluizel and has promoted a sincere relationship, full of generosity, confidence, sharing, natural, just like their chocolate.

For all of these values, which I hold close to my heart, and which I find bountiful in the Manufacture CLUIZEL, to work with their chocolate is a pleasure which has allowed me to build and create sensations and emotions.”

Philippe Conticini


Taste Cluizel

In its workshops, where more than 220 employees work, the Manufacture Cluizel transforms the selected cocoa beans into exceptional, distinguished, aromatic chocolates with lingering taste. Single-plantation chocolates offer the best of a soil, each with a tale to tell. The blends, offer the balance of a subtle flavour. They are authentic, unique chocolates, created by the Manufacture Cluizel. When tasting, you might find, depending on the specialities, notes of caramel, and hazelnut, vanilla and gingerbread... These unique chocolates represent a universe of natural flavours and tastes which evokes the richness of the most important vineyards.