Organic chocolate has a growing number of amateurs among the chocolate lovers who care for Environment and Biodiversity. La Manufacture Cluizel meets this growing demand with two products.

These chocolates, which bear the AB logo (see logo opposite), were approved by “Bureau Veritas Certification” which guarantees the compliance with strict biologic standards, throughout the manufacturing* and packaging processes. This logo will help you identify ORGANIC products.
* 100% of the raw materials - cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla pods - are from Organic Farming.

Another logo identifying organic products within the European Union (opposite) can appear next to the AB certification.

Santo Domingo '1er Cru de Plantation®' “Los Anconès” was the first Organic 67% cocoa dark chocolate launched by Chocolaterie Michel Cluizel in 2010.It was created in order to meet the growing demand of eco-aware customers eager to savour quality oroducts.

This year, Michel Cluizel would like to introduce gourmet connoisseurs to a new cocoa territory, with a new 66% cocoa Organic chocolate bar, made from beans harvested in volcanic lands from the Mexican plantation of “Mokaya”.

Just like any other Michel Cluizel product, this new bar complies with the “Noble Ingredients” Quality Commitment that guarantees that our chocolates are pure cocoa butter, flavouring-free, soy lecithin-free and exclusively made with cane sugar and genuine Bourbon vanilla pods.

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